Parapet fixed screen system.


  • Screen system fixed to the inside face of a parapet. Ideally suited to precast concrete parapet construction and can be adapted for other construction situations.
  • The Parascreen system does not require penetration through the weatherproof membrane to the horizontal surface.
  • The Parascreen system can incorporate any surround type from our range including slatted, louvre screening or acoustic properties.


  • Available in height and length to suit site survey requirements.
  • Parascreen is able to be installed on existing or new parapet construction situations.
  • The brackets are designed to allow for insulation buildup and weatherproofing to the internal face of a parapet.
  • Complements our plant platform range perfectly and can be integrated so that screens connect seamlessly regardless whether the other screen sections are mounted on a platform or on the ballasted Speedscreen system.
  • The Parascreen system is available with 125mm or 225mm offset sizes. (The offset size is measured from the fixing face on the inside of the parapet to the outside face of the screen post)
  • All aluminium components with stainless steel fixings – backed by a 20 year warranty.
  • Designed according to EN 1991-1-4:2005+A1:2010 Section 7.4.1 and complies to BS EN 516 2006 and BS EN 1090-3 2008


  • The screen system benefits from a short lead time for manufacture and is quick to install on site.
  • Supplied in kit form with all fixings, site specific drawings and instructions.
  • Take advantage of our approved installer network for an efficient and stress-free installation.

Specification Requirements

  • Parascreen system by Configured Platforms Ltd
  • Height of screen above parapet and screen type.
  • Height of top of parapet from roof surface.
  • Type of parapet construction.
  • Length of screen or dimensions if it is to form and enclosure.
  • Position or quantity of access doors or gaps if required.

Screen Type Choice

Each of the surround options used on our platforms can be applied to the Parascreen system.

  • Guardrail – To create a safe area for service personnel.
  • Standard Screen – For aesthetic screening of plant, equipment and/or ductwork.
  • Louver100 – For aesthetic louver screening of the plant, equipment and ductwork providing airflow.
  • Soundshield – For aesthetic screening and acoustic attenuation by reflection.
  • Peacemaker – For aesthetic screening and acoustic attenuation by absorption.
  • Acoustic+ – For aesthetic screening and acoustic attenuation by reflection and absorption.

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