Effective noise reduction by reflection.


Soundshield combats noise pollution by acting as a reflective barrier, efficiently blocking sound from exiting a contained area and providing peace of mind for nearby residents. With a Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) of 28, Soundshield provides excellent sound insulation performance.


Exceptional noise control through absorption.


Peacemaker is made of sound absorbing polyethylene foam that effectively traps noise within its cell structure. Sound absorption testing indicates a perfect Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1. Peacemaker offers consistent acoustical performance across a variety of environments, and its hydrophobic properties protect against humidity and water absorption, while being flame retardant.


Ultra noise reduction by absorption & reflection.


Acoustic+ combines the sound attenuation properties of both Soundshield and Peacemaker to yield superior noise reduction results. Actively reducing noise in three phases (absorbing – reflecting – absorbing), Acoustic+ is Configured Platforms premier acoustic solution. A zero echo sound isolation system, Acoustic+ offers good looks and seamless integration with the clean lines of the Acoustic Screen Wall.

Soundshield, Peacemaker and Acoustic+

Aesthetically conceal equipment, ductwork, and pipework from view while also effectively controlling acoustic attenuation.

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