Series 2

The Series 2 mounting system is designed for flat roofs and multi-fall shallow gradients.


  • Free standing design eliminates penetrations keeping the roof membrane leak free
  • Unique design distributes the load evenly, reducing the structural requirements of the roof.
  • All aluminium and 304 stainless steel components with stainless steel fixings – backed by a 20 year warranty.
  • Each height adjustable foot has a stainless steel load spreader base, a plastic outer shell, a rubber anti-vibration anti-creep pad, a stainless steel convex stub, and a concave disc to allow for the drainage contours of the roof.
  • Live load rated to 2.5 kPa
  • Super lightweight 18kg / m2
  • Complies to BS EN 516 2006 and BS EN 1090-3 2008


  • Penetration free making placement and position on the roof flexible.
  • Platform height adjustment 300 to 400mm from roof surface and optional extension legs to allow up to 500mm elevation.
  • Each Series 2 base foot to allow the platform to be levelled across the drainage contours or height discrepancies of the roof.
  • Configurable in 600mm increment sizes in width and length to suit your requirements.
  • The lightweight aluminium design makes it easy for carrying, craning and assembly.


  • Our agile systems mean that product has a short lead time as many of the components are available off-the-shelf.
  • Kit form allows Series 2 to be assembled with our easy to follow installation manual.
  • Take advantage of our approved installer network for an efficient and stress-free installation.

Specification Requirements

  • Series 2 platform system by Configured Platforms Ltd
  • Length and width whilst allowing sufficient area around the equipment for access and maintenance.
  • Surround treatment to front, rear, left and/or right.
  • Height of screen and screen type if required.
  • Position or quantity of access doors or gaps if required

Surround Type Choice

  • Each of these surround options can be provided to any or all of the 4 sides of the Series 2 Platform in 600mm increments.
    • Guardrail – For edge protection where any platform sides are higher than 300mm from the adjacent roof surface.
    • Standard Screen – For aesthetic screening of the plant, equipment and ductwork.
    • Louver100 – For aesthetic louver screening of the plant, equipment and ductwork.
    • Soundshield – For aesthetic screening and acoustic attenuation by reflection.
    • Peacemaker – For aesthetic screening and acoustic attenuation by absorption.
    • Acoustic+ – For aesthetic screening and acoustic attenuation by reflection and absorption.

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